Saturday 2K


There isn't a (not)parkrun for juniors, so we thought we would set up some 2K runs for the juniors, each Saturday. The runs will be at 10:15am - after the (not)parkruns have finished.

We are keen to make sure that social distancing and all other legislation from Welsh Government is followed. The results will be recorded on this website.

Bookings should be made using our session booking form, sent out by email weekly, to all paid-up members. We'd also appreciate if you could volunteer from time to time.

This is a great way to have a social run or even to check out your training. Depending on local lockdown rules, you can try the following venues (below).


Guide for Volunteers

    Our one-page guide for safe & consistent management of these sessions


Venues & Results


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    Tredegar Park (Newport) * * * NOT Tredegar House * * *


Combined Results (All Events / Dates Listed Together):

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      Course Record (Boys 11+ (JM11-14 / JM15-17)): 00:07:31 (Vaughn Hughes, 10/10/2020)

      Course Record (Girls 11+ (JW11-14 / JW15-17)): 00:08:55 (Clara Rhodes, 10/10/2020)

      Course Record (Boys U11 (JM10)): 00:08:24 (Dylan Evans, 10/10/2020)

      Course Record (Girls U11 (JW10)): 00:09:15 (Leah Rhodes, 10/10/2020)

      Course Record (Boys U8): 00:09:46 (Harri Evans, 10/10/2020)

      Course Record (Girls U8): 00:12:01 (Martha Rawlinson, 17/10/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 80.55% (Harri Evans, 10/10/2020)


   Tredegar Park  

      Course Record (Boys 11+ (JM11-14 / JM15-17)): 00:07:10 (Vaughn Hughes, 21/11/2020)

      Course Record (Girls 11+ (JW11-14 / JW15-17)): 00:08:15 (Clara Rhodes, 12/12/2020)

      Course Record (Boys U11 (JM10)): 00:07:30 (Isaac Barry, 21/11/2020)

      Course Record (Girls U11 (JW10)): 00:08:56 (Leah Rhodes, 21/11/2020)

      Course Record (Boys U8): 00:09:22 (Harri Evans, 12/12/2020)

      Course Record (Girls U8): TBC (TBC, TBC)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 83.99% (Harri Evans, 12/12/2020)