Rabbit Run Results (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
361Rhys Knight 53:55
362Sandra Chipper55:52
363Jack Rowland57:22
364Christopher Potter59:35
365Michael Cleaver1:00:08
366Bob Watson1:01:31
367Richard Jones1:01:57
368Sam Skelton1:03:33
369Sarah Lauder1:05:54
370Gavin Perkins1:07:54
371Mark Faulkner1:07:59
372Paula Williams1:08:01
373Oliver Hughes1:08:24
374Wesley Harris1:08:50
375Mike Pobjoy1:11:29
376Paul Dursley1:11:45
377Dave Webster1:13:10
378Randal Jones1:15:51
379Emily Chinn1:17:49
380Sonja Breese1:17:49
381Desmond Jones1:18:59
382Neil Chipper1:20:18
383Jon Stones1:20:42
384Claire Scott1:20:59
385Claire Lloyd1:23:22
386Julia Groombridge1:28:58
387Amanda Richards1:32:51
388Susan Webster1:34:19
389Lynda Dursley1:37:49
390Elizabeth Mounfield2:39:58


Split Group Speed Intervals

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups to meet at NISV at 18:30 for an 18:45pm session start.

LiRFs and CiRFs will provide full session details on the night.

Group 1 & 2: Two Bridge Tempo Intervals

Group 3 & 4: Hartridge Hybrids

Group 5 & 6: Two Bridge Tempo Intervals:  

Machen Race Recce NO TRAINING AT 14 LOCKS!

Meeting Location: 

All runners welcome for a GLCL Recce Run ahead of our first GLCL Road Fixture on 3rd July 2018.

Runners should meet at Machen Village Hall, Car Park for 18:45pm at the latest.

Full details regarding the route etc will be posted on the Lliswerry closed facebook group in the days beforehand.

If you are not on facebook and are a Lliswerry member wishing to attend this session please see one of the coaches for details.


Mountain Road

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks Canal Centre

Mountain Road Out for 25 mins, then head back in 25 mins or less.

All runners to depart the 14 Locks Canal Centre at 18:40pm

Please take care on all road crossings and the narrow country lanes.

Lock Lustre

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
14 Locks Canal Centre

All groups to meet at 14 Locks Canal Centre.

All groups depart at 18:40pm.

25 mins out, less than 25 mins back.

Please handicap at the start, Group 1 at the front, Group 6 at the back.

Please take care on any junctions.

Trail run - Straight up (Short route)

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This Thursday's Trail run will be the return of one of our old routes - straight up (short version). The felling has changed the second half of this route, so if the wether's kind there'll be great views, but lack of trees will make it exposed if there's wind or rain! There are also loose sheep on the second half, so dogs should preferably be kept on a lead. As usual it's a social run open to all abilities with regular regrouping, it's about 5 - 6 miles and not flat! ;)

Meet at St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX at 6.30 for a prompt 6.45 start.


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