Strength & Conditioning

Meeting Location: 
Newport Velodrome

Introducing a new session - strength and conditioning for runners.

The aim is to improve core strength and stability over the autumn/winter to help runners smash their PBs in 2018!

The class focuses on strength and conditioning work including core stability, with body weight exercises to help build strength and build major muscle groups that are key to effective running: glutes, quads and abdominals.

A towel and bottle of water is necessary, you are also welcome to bring your own mats

Trail run - Abercarn Mash Up

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This Thursday's trail run will be a mash-up of trails from Abercarn, distance will be very approximate, (5 veryish miles) and a few hills (including the sting in the tAle). As always, head torches are essential!

Meet at St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX at 6.30 for a prompt 6.45 start.

GLCL XC Race 1 - Parc Bryn bach

PositionName (click to view more results)
361Sandra Chipper
362Nicky Collin
363Emma Wookey
364Victoria Hobbs
365Paula Williams
366Sarah Lauder
367Marina Wright
368Rachel Bowen
369Liz Richards
370Rachel Kennedy
371Helen Thomas
372Sonja Breese
373Janet Richards
374Cerianne Jenkins
375Michelle Clabon
376Suzanne Mainwaring
377Leanne Phillips
378Ceri Donovan
379fern Powell
380Valerie Clare
381Susan Webster
382Jayne Bentall
383Tracy Burton
384Gaynor Lugg
385Bernadette Davies
386Morwenna Phillips
387Yvonne Forsey
388Charlotte Leigh
389Celia Marsh
390Joanne Henshall
391Gwyn Howells
392Michael Griffiths
393Martin Norton
394Paul Bruton
395Rhys Knight
396Jon Belcher
397Phil Boorman
398Andrew Wright
399Jack Rowland
400Robert Davies


A fantastic debut performance by Lliswerry Ladies at the National Road Relays.

Following Lliswerry Ladies impressive silver medal winning performance at the Welsh Road Relays in September (Sandra Chipper, Antoinette Dumayne, Emma Wookey, Nicky Collin) qualification for the National Relays was secured.  Due to other racing commitments, a substituted team made the trip to Birmingham for the prestigious ERRA National Road Relays on the 7th October 2017. 

Story Type: 

Cardiff Half Marathon 2017 (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
361John Bevan1:18:55
362Richard Foster1:21:40
363Ieuan Smith1:23:14
364Miles Thomas1:23:29
365Jon Belcher1:24:10
366Richard Elgar1:26:25
367Emma Wookey1:27:35
368Sandra Chipper1:27:44
369Jack Rowland1:28:12
370Oliver Harris1:28:28
371Tom Bland1:29:16
372Matt Creed1:29:31
373Lloyd Cottrell1:29:55
374Richard Basham1:30:33
375Simon Walker1:30:36
376Ian Davies1:31:12
377Phil Boorman1:31:16
378James Pearce1:31:21
379Matthew Mulcahy1:31:50
380Richard Perry1:31:54
381Nick Rees1:32:10
382Gemma Jones1:32:53
383Robert Bickel1:32:56
384Martyn Bidwell1:33:07
385Chris Jones1:34:20
386Oliver Hughes1:34:45
387Philip Hyatt1:35:15
388David Phillips1:35:18
389Christopher Collis1:35:46
390Justin Griffiths1:36:30
391Paul Chick1:36:51
392Kraig Jackson1:37:18
393Tracie Williams-Rowe1:37:26
394Michael Cleaver1:37:29
395Simon Tang1:37:44
396Peter Thomas1:37:52
397Chris Davies1:37:55
398Stuart Lukins1:38:15
399Tim Reese1:38:18
400Kevin Dupé1:38:53


Trail Run - Bluebell from ABERCARN

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This week's trail run will be "Bluebell" - unfortunately it's there won't be any bluebells this time! Route is approximately six miles with plenty of hills, pace is social with regular regrouping, so suitable for all. Trail shoes strongly recommended, headtorch essential. 

Meet at St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn NP11 5GX at 6:30 for a prompt 6:45 start.


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