Cardiff Half Speed Session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @ 18:30

Cardiff Half is looming, work on your finishing speed to shave off those all important seconds that will take you to a new PB, with this road speed session.

All groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm departure.

Group leads will provide full session details on the night.

XC Hill Session

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks

With just under a month until the start of the 2017/2018 XC season, it's time to start working on some XC Hill form. This is a session suitable for all groups and for both novice and seasoned XC athletes.

All meet at 14 Locks at 18:30pm, for an 18:40pm departure.

Group leads on the night will provide full session details and support

Cardiff Half Hill session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @ 18:30

This hill session is perfect for those looking towards the Cardiff Half or Snowdon Marathon! The hill repeats will make sure you have nothing to fear come race day!

All groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm, for an 18:45pm departure.

Group leaders will provide full session details on the night, using hartridge and beechwood hills.

Riverfront 5km Time Trial

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
321John Bevan17:57
322Ieuan Smith18:02
323Neil Evans18:04
324Ryan Whatley18:29
325Richard Elgar18:41
326James Pearce19:04
327Phil Boorman19:06
328Owen Davies19:21
329Emma Wookey19:32
330Nicky Collin19:34
331Michael Cleaver19:40
332Laura Davies20:06
333Daniel Reilly20:19
334Chris Jones20:30
335Sophie Henshall20:41
336Oliver Hughes21:13
337Desmond Jones21:50
338Sarah Lauder21:53
339Justin Griffiths21:54
340Kraig Jackson22:04
341Michael Titley22:38
342Mike Pobjoy23:07
343Andrew Cockeram23:10
344Vicky Fear23:14
345Tyrone Broome24:08
346Randal Jones24:09
347Paul Watts25:21
348Michael Bonnett25:37
349Jon Kendall26:17
350Laurence Waite26:23
351Michael Faulds26:50
352Dave Westley27:00
353Jayne Bentall27:10
354Steve Crowther27:16
355Scott Stokes27:33
356Stuart Salvage27:37
357Sue Cottrell28:01
358Martyn Jones28:19
359Keith Anderson28:21
360Karen Shellam29:09


Best Newport parkrun in August (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
321John Bevan18:12
322Miles Thomas18:15
323Ieuan Smith18:20
324James Pearce18:46
325Andrew Wright18:49
326Phil Boorman19:12
327Sandra Chipper19:22
328Jack Rowland19:23
329Jon Belcher19:29
330Michael Cleaver19:32
331Rhys Knight 19:35
332Tom Bland19:36
333Oliver Harris19:47
334Nicky Collin19:57
335Emma Wookey19:58
336Richard Basham20:08
337Chris Jones20:26
338Simon Gill20:26
339Paul Chick20:30
340Andrew Dawe20:47
341Sophie Henshall20:48
342Sarah Lauder20:58
343Oliver Hughes20:58
344Andrew Johnson21:01
345Tracie Williams-Rowe21:01
346Richard Elgar21:02
347James Kershaw-Naylor21:02
348David Phillips21:03
349Robert Tudhope21:07
350Simon Tang21:10
351Kevin Russell21:12
352Antoinette Dumayne21:17
353Gavin Brace21:19
354Martyn Bidwell21:24
355Chris Davies21:25
356Desmond Jones21:27
357Kevin Dupé21:29
358Martyn Dursley21:38
359Ian Harrhy21:44
360Justin Griffiths21:46



When did you join?: 
How long have you been running?: 
Couple of years
What's your favourite running surface?: 
How did you start running?: 
A few of my mates got me started by doing the parkrun & I've got the bug
Any message to newcomers?: 
Great club with amazing people who will make you feel very welcome whatever your ability


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