Cardiff Half 2018 Results (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
201Richard Jones1:16:23
202Jon Belcher1:18:51
203Lee Drew1:19:01
204Martin Norton1:19:49
205Richard Elgar1:20:03
206Rhys Knight 1:23:11
207Oliver Harris1:23:57
208Emma Wookey1:24:11
209Lloyd Cottrell1:24:51
210Chris Norman1:25:10
211Miles Thomas1:25:33
212Sandra Chipper1:26:01
213James Kershaw-Naylor1:26:40
214Tom Bland1:26:59
215James Pearce1:28:09
216Robert Davies1:29:05
217Richard Basham1:29:07
218Nick Rees1:29:09
219Robert Bickel1:29:23
220Christopher Potter1:29:30
221Matt Creed1:29:44
222Antoinette Dumayne1:29:57
223Jack Rowland1:29:58
224Jamie Davies1:30:28
225Martyn Bidwell1:30:30
226Paul Pritchard1:30:53
227Gemma Jones1:30:57
228Chris Jones1:31:03
229Matthew Mulcahy1:31:31
230Rhys Jones1:32:05
231Rebecca Rothwell1:32:56
232Paul Chick1:32:59
233David Phillips1:33:03
234Jade Wakley1:33:46
235David Brown1:33:52
236Daniel Reilly1:34:16
237Justin Griffiths1:35:00
238Rachel Bowen1:35:53
239Victoria Hobbs1:36:30
240Elizabeth Dimond1:36:35


Road Speed Session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups to meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm session start.

CiRFs and LiRFs will provide full session details on the night.

Group 1 - 2: SDR Bridge 800m Intervals

Group 3 - 4: Queensway Reps

Group 5 - 6: SDR Bridge 800m Intervals

Greyhound Run

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
Civic Centre

All groups to meet at the Civic Centre and depart as follows:

Group 6: Depart 18:35pm

Group 5: Depart 18:40pm

Group 4: Depart 18:45pm

Group 3: Depart 18:50pm

Group 2: Depart 18:55pm

Group 1: Depart 19:00pm


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