Hartland Hartbreaker

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Hartland Abbey, Hartland

The Hartland Hartbreaker is a tough 17 mile off road, multi terrain running race. It is not for the faint-harted! You will encounter sections of exposed cliff tops, muddy tracks, uneven paths, long sections off path with no discernible route, river crossings, steep, slippery difficult sections (some with ropes) and generally a real tough, long and challenging run.

on... Charity

One of the most rewarding things that you can do is to combine raising money for a heart-felt charity with something that you enjoy. I've put down some of my experiences, and would love to hear yours, especially different and inventive ways of raising sponsorship.

Choosing a Charity

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on... 2013

It's New Year again, a time for fun and merriment, but also renewal and reflection.

Just before leaving for Nos Galan, I thought I'd put down some thoughts...

Let's reflect on what happened in 2013. How much of it did you plan at the beginning of the year? If you're anything like me, 50% of my running year was planned by the end of January, the rest kinda just happened. I believe that you should have some fundamental goals, truths and rules, but leave room for new experiences and for "stuff to happen".

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