Welsh Castles Relay

Meeting Location: 
Caernarvon Castle

Serpentine RC have dominated the WCR in recent years. They were overall winners in 2009 and 2010 and Ladies Team winners 6 times in the last 7 years (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010).   The team with the most appearances other than Les Croupiers is San Domenico (latterly with Club 69). Only 8 different teams have won the event outright. The club with most wins in the Open Team Category is Les Croupiers with nine.

Gloucester 20 Miler

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
4841Louise Howells2:22:22
4842Chris Morris2:22:39
4843Gareth Beck2:22:54
4844Martin Davies2:29:04
4845Richard Elgar2:29:47
4846Keith James2:30:49
4847Peter Ovey2:35:59
4848Simon Gill2:43:59
4849Oliver Harris2:44:18
4850Paul Day2:45:53
4851Spencer Lewis2:46:55
4852Nicola Beck2:47:39
4853James Pearce2:50:14
4854Chris Davies3:01:07
4855Ben McCreadie3:05:37
4856Andrew James3:11:53
4857Nick Davies3:12:10
4858Andrew Cockeram3:18:15
4859Lisa Bateman3:18:43
4860Claire Dunkerton-Morris3:29:26
4861Andrew Ralph3:29:26
4862Natalie Elgar3:32:11
4863Karen Penny3:50:53


Any Marathon in 2014(CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
4841Jon Belcher3:02:08
4842Louise Howells3:04:43
4843Chris Morris3:05:07
4844Gareth Beck3:11:45
4845Michael Harris3:11:53
4846Richard Hughes3:15:34
4847Mike Davies3:20:14
4848Peter Ovey3:24:42
4849Keith James3:27:58
4850Lee Smith3:28:29
4851Sarah Lauder3:30:30
4852Dan Arthur3:31:07
4853Neale Wood3:32:10
4854Peter Thomas3:32:26
4855Gareth Hall3:32:32
4856Liz Richards3:35:46
4857Paul Day3:36:06
4858Paul Chick3:36:49
4859Janet Richards3:38:48
4860Clare Biddlecombe3:40:59
4861Rachel Bowen3:43:00
4862Oliver Harris3:45:53
4863James Pearce3:46:22
4864Paul Dursley3:46:50
4865Joanne Peacock3:48:54
4866Paul Bruton3:52:04
4867Nicola Beck3:52:54
4868Gareth Hart3:53:41
4869Martin Davies3:54:45
4870Bernadette Davies3:54:56
4871Simon Gill3:55:13
4872Philip Hyatt3:57:01
4873Spencer Lewis4:00:24
4874Aaron Lynch4:03:09
4875Graham Lynch4:05:50
4876Nick Davies4:05:59
4877Darren Jones4:08:36
4878Paul Harmes4:11:34
4879Keith Gittins4:12:04
4880Jamiee Gittins4:12:04


Caerphilly 10K (CC)

Meeting Location: 
Crescent Road, Caerphilly

The Caerphilly 10K is set to return for the second consecutive year on Sunday 22nd June.

1700 runners from the length and breadth of the country travelled to Caerphilly last year to take on the challenge of the undulating Caerphilly 10K, starting and finishing the course in the shadow of the spectacular Caerphilly Castle.

This year’s run is set to be bigger and better, with organisers expecting up to 3000 participants and as many spectators cheering and spurring on the runners by lining the route which will lead runners in and around Caerphilly Town Centre.


Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
4841James Elgar1:17:45
4842Michael Griffiths1:21:09
4843Alun King1:22:18
4844Emma Wookey1:22:36
4845Michael Harris1:25:53
4846James Casburn1:26:05
4847Tom Bland1:26:06
4848Matt Creed1:26:53
4849Gareth Hall1:28:17
4850Chris Morris1:28:22
4851Lee Smith1:29:40
4852Richard Elgar1:30:19
4853Louise Howells1:30:22
4854Patrick Hoare1:30:30
4855Dan Arthur1:31:02
4856Paul Chick1:31:07
4857Peter Ovey1:31:44
4858Justin Pocknell1:32:19
4859Simon Gill1:32:24
4860Keith James1:32:48
4861Oliver Harris1:33:28
4862Tom Evans (Jr)1:33:40
4863James Pearce1:33:48
4864Mike Davies1:33:54
4865Peter Burrows1:34:36
4866Spencer Lewis1:35:25
4867Antoinette Dumayne1:35:58
4868James Foulkes-Nock1:35:59
4869Kevin Russell1:36:07
4870Peter Rodger1:36:50
4871Neale Wood1:37:15
4872Christopher Matthews1:38:15
4873Tony Fidow1:38:25
4874Mike Thurgood1:39:32
4875Clare Biddlecombe1:40:01
4876Emma Williams1:40:13
4877Lyndon Mcerlaine1:40:30
4878Joe Mulcahy1:41:54
4879Geraint Heath1:42:35
4880Paul Dursley1:42:51



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