XC Hill Session

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks

With just under a month until the start of the 2017/2018 XC season, it's time to start working on some XC Hill form. This is a session suitable for all groups and for both novice and seasoned XC athletes.

All meet at 14 Locks at 18:30pm, for an 18:40pm departure.

Group leads on the night will provide full session details and support

Cardiff Half Hill session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @ 18:30

This hill session is perfect for those looking towards the Cardiff Half or Snowdon Marathon! The hill repeats will make sure you have nothing to fear come race day!

All groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm, for an 18:45pm departure.

Group leaders will provide full session details on the night, using hartridge and beechwood hills.

Riverfront 5km Time Trial

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
481John Bevan17:57
482Ieuan Smith18:02
483Neil Evans18:04
484Ryan Whatley18:29
485Richard Elgar18:41
486James Pearce19:04
487Phil Boorman19:06
488Owen Davies19:21
489Emma Wookey19:32
490Nicky Collin19:34
491Michael Cleaver19:40
492Laura Davies20:06
493Daniel Reilly20:19
494Chris Jones20:30
495Sophie Henshall20:41
496Oliver Hughes21:13
497Desmond Jones21:50
498Sarah Lauder21:53
499Justin Griffiths21:54
500Kraig Jackson22:04
501Michael Titley22:38
502Mike Pobjoy23:07
503Andrew Cockeram23:10
504Vicky Fear23:14
505Tyrone Broome24:08
506Randal Jones24:09
507Paul Watts25:21
508Michael Bonnett25:37
509Jon Kendall26:17
510Laurence Waite26:23
511Michael Faulds26:50
512Dave Westley27:00
513Jayne Bentall27:10
514Steve Crowther27:16
515Scott Stokes27:33
516Stuart Salvage27:37
517Sue Cottrell28:01
518Martyn Jones28:19
519Keith Anderson28:21
520Karen Shellam29:09


Best Newport parkrun in August (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
481John Bevan18:12
482Miles Thomas18:15
483Ieuan Smith18:20
484James Pearce18:46
485Andrew Wright18:49
486Phil Boorman19:12
487Sandra Chipper19:22
488Jack Rowland19:23
489Jon Belcher19:29
490Michael Cleaver19:32
491Rhys Knight 19:35
492Tom Bland19:36
493Oliver Harris19:47
494Nicky Collin19:57
495Emma Wookey19:58
496Richard Basham20:08
497Chris Jones20:26
498Simon Gill20:26
499Paul Chick20:30
500Andrew Dawe20:47
501Sophie Henshall20:48
502Sarah Lauder20:58
503Oliver Hughes20:58
504Andrew Johnson21:01
505Tracie Williams-Rowe21:01
506Richard Elgar21:02
507James Kershaw-Naylor21:02
508David Phillips21:03
509Robert Tudhope21:07
510Simon Tang21:10
511Kevin Russell21:12
512Antoinette Dumayne21:17
513Gavin Brace21:19
514Martyn Bidwell21:24
515Chris Davies21:25
516Desmond Jones21:27
517Kevin Dupé21:29
518Martyn Dursley21:38
519Ian Harrhy21:44
520Justin Griffiths21:46



When did you join?: 
How long have you been running?: 
Couple of years
What's your favourite running surface?: 
How did you start running?: 
A few of my mates got me started by doing the parkrun & I've got the bug
Any message to newcomers?: 
Great club with amazing people who will make you feel very welcome whatever your ability

Crooked Mile 2017 (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
481Miles Thomas04:58
482John Bevan05:04
483Ieuan Smith05:06
484Jamie Davies05:08
485James Pearce05:09
486Jack Rowland05:19
487Jon Belcher05:22
488Phil Boorman05:23
489Oliver Harris05:28
490Owen Davies05:39
491Richard Elgar05:40
492Aaron Lynch05:43
493Richard Basham05:43
494Chris Jones05:45
495Paul Chick05:45
496Michael Cleaver05:46
497Simon Gill05:48
498Robert Tudhope05:51
499Lloyd Hughes05:53
500Simon Tang05:54
501Antoinette Dumayne05:55
502Gareth Howells05:56
503David Phillips05:57
504Andrew Johnson06:01
505Sarah Lauder06:04
506Sophie Henshall06:05
507Kraig Jackson06:05
508Charlotte Ralph06:06
509Rhys Pritchard06:09
510Oliver Hughes06:12
511Tom Atkin06:12
512Michael Titley06:13
513Ethan Davies06:13
514Tracie Williams-Rowe06:14
515Neil Sidney06:14
516Tom Evans06:19
517Mike Pobjoy06:21
518Brian Phillips06:23
519Paul Day06:25
520Vicky Fear06:26


Trail Run - Thunder Road -from SIRHOWY

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
Sirhowy Country Park, Crosskeys

This week's trAle run will be Thunder Road - this starts from the SIRHOWY COUNTRY PARK. If you follow the A467 past Risca, at the end of the dual carriageway there's a roundabout, take the first exit signed for the Sirhowy Country park and and waste/recycling centre and there's parking after a couple of hundred yards on the barrier. The route is about 6 miles and has is a bit more rocky/steeper climbing than Abercarn, so trail shoes are a must, but walking is most definitely allowed! The descent is on good trails and the last section is along the Sirhowy trail (tarmac).

Rose Inn 4 Mile Series Best Result (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
481Jon Belcher22:47
482Richard Foster23:01
483Ieuan Smith23:05
484Miles Thomas23:22
485Paul Bruton23:24
486David Jacob23:38
487John Bevan23:38
488Thomas Henry23:42
489Tom Bland24:16
490Phil Boorman24:28
491Emma Wookey24:34
492Jack Rowland24:44
493Robert Davies24:48
494Oliver Harris24:50
495Nicky Collin24:50
496Richard Hughes25:01
497Daniel Reilly25:02
498Chris Norman25:14
499Michael Cleaver25:16
500Aaron Lynch25:19
501Chris Jones25:30
502Antoinette Dumayne25:33
503Rebecca Rothwell25:50
504Mike Ridd25:53
505Owen Davies25:55
506Richard Basham26:15
507Sarah Lauder26:45
508Andrew Johnson26:55
509Rhys Jones27:03
510Kevin Dupé27:04
511David Proffitt27:05
512Oliver Hughes27:17
513Robert Tudhope27:18
514Martyn Bidwell27:41
515Keith James27:45
516David Brown27:51
517Bob Watson27:55
518Charlotte Ralph27:58
519Kevin Russell28:18
520Tim Wright28:25


Mr Gareth Barrington

When did you join?: 
How long have you been running?: 
23 years
What's your favourite running surface?: 
How did you start running?: 
Started running back in 1994 just before I joined the Welsh Guards, and since I left the Army in 2006 I've always ran just to keep fit, but since joining Lliswerry running club I've taken my running to a whole new level
Any message to newcomers?: 
If your new to running don't be overwhelmed by experienced runners or a running club but just enjoy the benefits running can give, from physical fitness, mental health and the social side.


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