Trail Run - Round Robbins - New Route from CWMCARN

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
Cwmcarn Scenic Drive

This Thursdays trail run will be a new route - "Round Robbins". The route is approx 10k and yes, there will be hills! We'll be crossing some of the mountain bike trails so please listen to any instructions given and be aware there may be bikers about. Hope you enjoy it - let me (Ceri) know what you think!

Fly like a Bird session!

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm departure

Pyramid session at the Bird Sanctuary, PLEASE CAR SHARE, parking is limited

Group 1 - 2, park at the pub end

Group 3 - 6, park at the power station end

Group Leads will provide full session details on the night.

Canal Out and Back TEMPO SESSION

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks

Club members please note this is an alternate session to the Rose Inn Club Championship Event on the same evening

Meet at 14 Locks at 18:30pm for an 18:40pm departure

5 min warm up run

20 min tempo out

20 min tempo back

5 min cool down jog

Please take care on all road crossings, and allow all cyclists, pedestrians and other runners plenty of room to pass.


Mountain Road

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks

All groups meet at 14 Locks at 18:30pm for an 18:40pm departure

All groups run as far as they can up Mountain Road in 25 mins, then turn around and leg it back.

Please take care on all road crossings, be aware of approaching traffic on narrow country lanes

Mile Reps

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All Groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm

Training session starts at 18:45pm 

Group Leaders will lead mile rep session ON ROAD

Please take care on all road crossings and run single file in narrow sections.


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