Management of (not)parkrun & Saturday 2K Sessions

Instructions for Safe Management of (not)parkruns & Saturday 2Ks (Version 2 - 09/10/2020)

(not)parkrun Set-Up

  • Have a Covid compliant first aid kit and mobile available at every session
  • Ensure that you have the emergency contact list for the runners attending your session.  If there are no shows, please let Laud know so she can spot repeat offenders!
  • Receive or create the starting order, fastest first, slowest last. See next point
  • Use the 'Pre-Run Starting Order' template, to create the starting order.   |  Juniors (Saturday 2K) Version: 
  • Put out essential markers on the course (for direction finding, marking hazards etc)
  • Routinely check course, ideally before the run


Covid-19 Session Briefings

  • Since booking: any symptoms, any positive test, any self-isolation in place, any local lock-down restrictions?  If yes to any of these the runner should not be at the session.
  • Any injuries or illness coach needs to be aware of?
  • Reminder 2 metre social distancing must be maintained throughout (all path users)
  • Please do not spit to clear throat or nose during the session
  • Please do not touch any street furniture or cones/equipment (each coach should have their own set and should be the only person handling these)


Course & Safety Briefings

  • Describe the course, hazards, pinch points, markers & the number of laps
  • Reminder about path users, bikes, dogs etc
  • First aid kit available. Anyone pulling out to let you know


Managing Start / Finish

  • Line up runners 2m apart fastest first in speed order (Cones spaced 2m are ideal)
  • Start the timer with the first runner and send the others off at 10 second intervals
  • Record each finish time, keeping the finish area clear & the runners apart



  • Avoid runners coming into close contact. Encourage social distancing by leading stretching 2m apart & then advise group to disperse.
  • Remind runners to wash their hands as soon as possible post session.
  • Use the Post-Race Results Processing template, to compile results (instructions below):   |  Juniors (Saturday 2K) Version: 
    1. Enter the finish times (generated by the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app [e-mail]), in the order from shortest to longest, into the ‘Time’ column (A)
    2. The ‘Finishing Position’ column (B) auto-calculates / populates
    3. Enter the names of the finishers, in the order that they finished (from first to last), into the ‘Name’ column (C)
    4. Enter the relevant starting positions of the finishers, into the ‘Starting Position’ column (D)
    5. The ‘Time (Elapsed)’ column (E) auto-calculates / populates
    6. The ‘Time (Actual)’ column (F) auto-calculates / populates
    7. The ‘Finishing Position (Actual)’ column (G) auto-calculates / populates
    8. Columns I (Name), J (Finishing Position), & K (Time) auto-calculate / populate the provisional results (sorted by Finishing Position)
    9. Send provisional results to:  |  Juniors: