on... Running Manager 2014

Running Manager 2014

The original and best Running Management game has been improved with all new features for 2014.

Basic gameplay has been retained - pick your runner, train and deploy them, working their way through competitions at various levels - local, club, regional, world and Olympic. Either play the game for fun, or use it as a training-aid, answering all of your "what if" questions.


Almost everything can be customised at the click of a mouse:

Deploy your runner in numerous racing situations:

  • parkrun (choice of 300 in UK, South Africa and Australia)
  • 10K and Half Marathon
  • Cross Country
  • The full kahuna - Marathon - Tokyo, London and Paris

Pick your race, key in the weather details and off they go!

Championship Mode allows you to pit your Runner against other players on-line. A series of Races are held over the year across different disciplines, culminating in a evening ceremony where you get a chance to pick up a Trophy to be filled with Sweets, Alcohol or Keys.

Fancy a new body?

You can play with your Runner's body shape - is it really easier to run if built differently? Try the following classics, or create your own:

  • Ectomorph
  • Memomorph
  • Endomorph
  • Visiononmorph
  • Pear, Apple or Hourglass

Cross Training

Try cross training from the comfort of your own chair to check the results without actually putting any effort in. Choose from:

  • Weight Training
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Abs Class
  • Zumba


Change your pre-race fuelling, while still eating all the rubbish you know and love. Based on carefully researched evidence, what effect will the following have on your running?

  • Porridge
  • Electrolytes / Caffeine
  • Gin (taken four hours pre-parkrun)
  • Jaffa Cakes
  • Creme Eggs
  • 'Bow

Kit Choices

Pick your Runner's kit combination from a wide selection of Vests, T-Shirts, Bra Tops, Leggings and Shorts (baggy / loose, long or short-shorts, modern or “Pringle” vintage). Your Runner can wear as much or as little as you like, allowing for further experimentation or expansion. Ever wondered how you'd get on with a Vest and short-shorts in the snow - now you can... without risk on getting your Chaps chapped!

And there’s more... choose from sixteen pre-set kit colour combinations, or click "Random" for the true "Nick Davies" look.

Runners Eye View

While the race is on, you can switch between multiple views of the action. With "Runner's eye" view, you can see what it’s like as you whizz past all the other Runners, especially at the front of the pack, or take the Spectator view – 30 / 90 / 120 minutes of trying to find something interesting to do while waiting for the one or two people you know to go past. Score extra points for actually seeing them (and even more points if your Runner sees you too).

You can take photos of the action, points awarded for any non-blurry photos without "Garmin activation", "Race Face" or "Eyes Shut".


Choose from a number of tried and tested Pacing methods, ranging from “steady pace” to “negative-split”, not to mention the classic “start like a nutter, end in the gutter!”

Disaster Mode

Special "disaster" mode functions. Choose from the following, set the deployment time, sit back and wait for the consequences:

  • Undone Shoelace
  • Kerb-jump-slip
  • Night before alcohol
  • Lactic Overload
  • Wardrobe Malfunction (Male or Female)
  • Gastric Distress

Power Feature

Additionally, your Runner can play a "Power feature" in every Race:

  • Caffeine kick-in
  • Spectator cheer (friend / family or just plain attactive - Male or Female)
  • Corner cutting (the "Atwood Ave-it special")
  • Fast finish, beating a runner that'd been tailed for the rest of the race
  • Slipping leggings (see Wardrobe Malfunction earlier)
  • Baffle Failure on the Trump Muffler (tm)

New for 2014: 

  • Improved interaction with players, staff and media
  • Heckle, encourage and trip fellow runners
  • Full Garmin support - upload results to the "real world", and brag to your friends
  • Push family members to come and watch (noticing them is purely optional)
  • Improved Tapering and Recovery Module
    • Choose your pre-race taper and post-race care
  • Recovery nutrition - Sliders to help you decide between Protein and Carbs
    • Try chips / beer or even "no recovery" for that true Ultra experience

Running Fantasies

Running Manager 2014 can be used to fulfil all of your running fantasies. Play "what-if" to see if you're likely to make it through injury or illness without actually running the risks. Check out that advice that you picked up off the bloke in the gym.

Note that not all of the planned functionality has been implemented – for example, the ability for your Runner to warm-up before or stretch after a race – dropped for just not being realistic.

If your last attempt at running games was Daley Thompson's decathlon back in the nineties, this is the one to get!

Available on Steam, and in all good games shops - only on 1st April 2014.