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Now, I’ve written in the past about things that you can do, or not do while you’re running. How about something to pass the time when you’re not running?

How about Podcasts? Podcasts are like radio shows, but with a very specific focus – a good selection of which are all about Running.

Podcasts are easy to find on iTunes if you’re an Apple person, but equally accessible if you have an android phone, or even just by using the Internet. Personally, I use a free App called BeyondPod (on Android) – it does a fine job of managing Podcasts – making it simple to download new episodes and line them up for listening. Personally, I listen to them in the car (using a mini-speaker) - a nice distraction when sitting in traffic.

After a bit of research, here are the ones that I like, and would recommend that you try:

Marathon Talk - http://www.marathontal...ive/podcast.php

Loads of good stuff here (not just for Marathon runners). Recent shows have included interviews with people like Alistair Brownlee, Steve Cram, and an amazing lady called Libby James, a 103% age-graded 76 year old who gets faster as she gets older (there’s hope for us all!). There have been articles on topics as diverse as “Running a marathon with the Norovirus” and the “Foster Collapse Sequence”, together with a chance for listeners to “Rate their Runs”.

There’s a section called “Tony’s Trials”, by Tony Audenshaw (from some TV programme, but probably best known for holding the record for the fastest schoolboy in a marathon). Fixated by toilet-related matters, I warn you. Come to think about it, this whole section is a bit that way, sorry.

The parkrun Show - http://www.marathontal...run_podcast.php

Billed as “The official show of all that’s news in parkrun”, this one is a mixed bag. Loads of information about parkrun – etiquette, course descriptions (the presenters love to tour the parkrun world), and impromptu interviews with local “characters”. Can be a little silly at times, but who am I to comment on other people’s sense of humour!

The same team also do a show for Ultra runners – “Talk Ultra”. Never thought I could manage a whole one of them, so I left it – one for you Keith!

Embrace Running (US) - http://www.embracerunning.com/

Once you get used to the accents, this is a pretty good listen. Recent topics have included Tips for running in the heat, Sports Hydration packs, the London Marathon Wheelchair Collision and a great discussion on the quality of the medals (including one of the presenters saying how he hates to get wood).

Marathon Training Plan - http://marathontrainin...n.com/podcasts/

Steve Carmichael’s show has been a bit quiet recently, but he’s back with a great episode full of tips about finding time for running. Again, while it says Marathon in the title, loads of useful information to improve your general running experience. Previous shows have explained the different phases of Marathon training, and why you should do them, Sports Massage and Downhill Running.

Most of the shows have transcripts on their respective web pages which allows you to check through what’s on each show. Please give them a try – be warned, there’s loads out there! If there’s any other podcasts that I’ve missed, please post them here and share!

Again, comments always welcome – If you’ve got a favourite that I missed, please share it!