on... Bites

Got described as a "Fair Weather Runner" this morning. No, not a "Fairwater Runner", a "Fair Weather Runner" because I didn't run parkrun today. I got my excuses in early though...

Wednesday night saw quite possibly the last ever opportuniy to run the Scenic 7. Loved this one, ran it for three years now - though this was the first time that I ran it all - no walking. A couple of the young ladies from Pont-y-pwl indulged me, having our photos taken before and after the run to emulate last year's pictures with Katie. Btw, I look in a slightly better state this year.

This important bit out of the way, I strolled down to get my goodie bag. I noticed something on my leg and reached down to hit it off. While flicking the unknown beastie from my leg, a little squirt of blood shot out over my sock. Not nice, especially as I'd splashed the "Jungle Formula" all over my legs earlier in a Henry Cooper style.

Got home, showered, a little bit of pain, then forgot about the bite.

All was fine through Thursday, then Friday night, I noticed that something was wrong with my foot. My left ankle was reminiscent of my mothers when she was 36 weeks pregnant with my brothers (twins). Swollen to the extent of losing my ankle bone both sides. Panic - oh yes, I was ready to belt it around parkrun in the morning for a sure PB. 

I consulted a few valuable sages (wife, Internet, friends) and sent off some late night photos of the swollen appendage for inspection (a first for me!). General consensus was to keep an eye on it - apply ice, take anti-hystamine and if it's worse in the morning, get to the doctors. Oh, and no parkrun. That bit hurt.

Woke up to find that the swelling had gone down a bit - hooray! The heavy rain outside put pay to any thoughts of just running anyway - good old self-control, though it prompted the "Fair Weather Runner" comment!

Got a few second opinions / advice during visits to a few Chemists this morning. Not too bad, though more swollen than first thing (because I'd been walking on it). Consensus was to continue with the anti-hystamine, ice and compression for the swelling and to keep off it as much as possible. Sat in the back garden now, with my favourite bag of peas. Doesn't look infected, will check again Monday / Tuesday and if still bad, I'm off to the doctors.

To be continued. Nigel.