Vicky Fear's championship scores for 2017

LPF Calculation

Best Newport Parkrun / Equivalent 5K time24:22

Event Details

EventDistanceTimeClub PositionLPF PointsChampionship Points
Any Marathon in 2017 (CC)-----
Participate in the GLCL XC races in 2017 (CC)-----
Participate in the GLCL Road races in 2017 (CC)10 km--105.0120
Chepstow Night Race 2017 (CC)-----
Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon 2017 (CC)13.1 miles2:12:315787.694
Gilwern Grunt 2017 (CC)-----
Whitebrook Wind-Up 10k 2017 (CC)-----
Rose Inn 2017 (CC)4 miles0:29:2910105.0141
Best Newport (Tredegar) parkrun in August (CC)5 km0:24:0013105.4138
Crooked Mile 2017 (CC)1 miles0:06:266106.8145
Cardiff Half Marathon 2017 (CC)13.1 miles1:55:322099.9131
Ponty Plod 2017 (CC)-----
Total (top 6)609.7769.0

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