2016 Casnewydd Championship

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How It Works

The Championship is made up of 12 races of varying distances spread across the year. You don't have to complete all 12 races. Your final position will be based on your best 6 results.

The Championship is inclusive, competitive, exciting and fun. The races are within a 30 mile radius of Newport, organised by local clubs/charities and most have not been in the Championship in the past 3 years. You can complete 6 races for under £40 or without racing on a Sunday or without running more than 10k.

There are two competitions within the Championships, the Improvers and Points.

The Improvers competition, which could be won by anyone in the club, works on how well your running has improved year on year and is particularly good for Couch to 5k graduates and those new to running. Your score for each race is recorded as a % improvement e.g. 105
For further information on the calculation, see here

The Points competition is based on your place in each race, the higher up you are the more points you score (150 points for 1st, 149 points for 2nd...etc), and men & ladies are scored separately.

The exception to these points are any marathon distance event in the year (which scores you 150 points regardless) and taking part in the Gwent League XC races, which earn you 30 points per race.

At the end of the year each competition has awards.

The Improvers competition has a number of awards based on the types of runs that occur through the year. Similar to the Tour De France, we have a yellow jersey for the overall leader, polka dot jersey for the highest points on the hilly races, green jersey for the highest points over speedy races and a white jersey for the highest points overall by a new member (a member who joined in the year prior to the Championship or the year of the Championship).

The Points competition has a cup for the highest points by each age category.

Please note that this Championship calendar runs from Jan 2016 for 12 months and that for the whole of the championship year you remain in the age category that you are at the start of the championship.

Championship Events

Event NameEvent TypeDateResults (if available)
Any Marathon in 2016 (CC)MarathonFriday, 1 Jan 2016view results
Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon 2016 (CC)NormalSunday, 6 Mar 2016view results
Kymin Dash 2016 (CC)NormalSunday, 17 Apr 2016view results
Porthkerry 5 MT 2016 (CC)NormalSunday, 8 May 2016view results
Caerphilly 10K 2016 (CC)NormalSunday, 19 Jun 2016view results
Tintern Trot 2016 (CC)NormalThursday, 7 Jul 2016view results
Murder Mile (CC)NormalFriday, 5 Aug 2016view results
Crooked Mile (CC)NormalWednesday, 17 Aug 2016view results
Wentwood Woodlark (CC)NormalSunday, 11 Sep 2016view results
Lloyds Bank Cardiff Half Marathon (CC) NormalSunday, 2 Oct 2016view results
Richard Burton 10k (CC)NormalSunday, 6 Nov 2016view results
Your Fastest Tredegar House Parkrun in December (CC)NormalThursday, 1 Dec 2016view results

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