While events remain suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions, parkrun has introduced '(not)parkrun' which allows individuals to record times for 5K runs anywhere. More information can be found via the parkun blog and (not)parkrun FAQs, below:



The club is supporting this idea, by identifying safe, off-road courses and arranging timing for a limited number of participants. The locations of these courses are different from the parkrun sites in order to avoid attracting crowds. We are also keen to make sure that social distancing and all other legislation from Welsh Government is followed. The results will be recorded on this website. parkrun also provide the facility to record your 5K (not)parkrun times. You can submit these weekly, yourself, by accessing your parkrun profile.



Participation at our Saturday sessions is only for those who have completed our session registration form, sent out by email weekly, to all paid-up members. This is for track & trace purposes to comply with Welsh Government legislation. 

We'd also appreciate if you could volunteer from time to time. If you can offer your time, please inform Chris or Laud in advance. For reasons stated above we cannot allow spectators.

This is a great way to have a relaxed & enjoyable run or even to check out your training by trying to beat your PB. 

Depending on local lockdown rules, you can try the venues (below).


Guide for Volunteers

    Our one-page guide for safe & consistent management of these sessions


Venues & Results


   - - -

    Caerleon (Newport)

    Tredegar Park (Newport) * * * NOT Tredegar House * * *

    Glebelands (Newport)

    Olive Tree (Cwmbran, Torfaen)

    Riverside Park (Trethomas, Caerphilly)

    Castroggy Park [Spiney Path] (Caldicot, Monmouthshire)

    Hailey Park (Llandaff, Cardiff)


Combined Results (All Events / Dates Listed Together):

   You can use the built-in search facilities (usually CTRL+F / CMD+F), to search for your name.



      Course Record (Male): 00:16:47 (Richard Jones, 10/10/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:19:28 (Sandra Chipper, 19/09/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 85.80% (Sandra Chipper, 10/10/2020)


   Tredegar Park  

      Course Record (Male): 00:16:26 (Richard Jones, 17/10/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:19:25 (Emma Wookey, 17/10/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 87.63% (Richard Jones, 17/10/2020)



      Course Record (Male): 00:17:43 (Lewis McLgouhlin, 17/10/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:19:59 (Emma Wookey, 10/10/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 77.33% (Lewis McLgouhlin, 17/10/2020)


   Olive Tree  

      Course Record (Male): 00:22:00 (Christopher Jones, 17/10/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:19:51 (Sandra Chipper, 17/10/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 82.45% (Sandra Chipper, 17/10/2020)


   Riverside Park  

      Course Record (Male): 00:17:44 (Toby Jones, 12/12/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:22:48 (Rachel Bowen, 12/12/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 75.70% (Jon Belcher, 12/12/2020)


   Castroggy Park [Spiney Path]  

      Course Record (Male): 00:18:24 (Lloyd Cottrell, 28/11/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:25:26 (Sue Cotrell, 28/11/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 70.39% (Paul Bruton, 17/10/2020)


   Hailey Park  

      Course Record (Male): 00:17:27 (Jon Belcher, 28/11/2020)

      Course Record (Female): 00:21:21 (Clare Biddlecombe, 17/10/2020)

      Course Age-Grade Record: 80.04% (Jon Belcher, 28/11/2020)